David Sessions is one of America’s top Life Coaches with over 300,000 views on YouTube and 60,000 followers on Instagram.

A pioneer in Life Coaching since 2003, David continues to offer concierge level service to celebrity and other elite clients in Hollywood, Pacific Palisades and Malibu.

An avid skier, David recently extended his practice to the Salt Lake City area, serving clients in SLC, Park City, and Deer Valley.

He frequently travels with clients around the world to provide sessions lasting several days or more.

What is a Life Coach

A life coach helps you identify your goals and develop a step by step plan to achieve them. 

Unlike therapy, which focuses on understanding the past – coaching is about the future and taking action to get there. Working with a coach will help you clarify goals, experience new insights, and take the needed actions.

Life coaching is an opportunity to partner with someone who specializes in making great things happen. What’s holding you back?

Working with Kids at Joshua Tree - 2003

Parenting Coaching

Although all coaching clients names are strictly confidential, prior to life coaching, David brought his experience rock climbing on the World Cup with the U.S. Team to being a kids’ rock climbing coach and working with the amazing kids of Malibu.

Some of the celebrity parent-clients at that time included: Mel Gibson, Pierce Brosnan, Cindy Crawford, Ron Myer (President of Universal Pictures), Kathleen Kennedy (Producer of E.T. and Jurassic Park), James Cameron (Director of Titanic), Wayne Gretzky, Jane Seymour, Stacey Keach, Kenny G, Pat Benatar, Paul Mitchell, Billy Bob Thornton, Kevin Sorbo and more.

Working with Parents

Parenting has never been easy but now, with all the new challenges in the world such as the internet and social media, it seems to have gotten even harder.

Some of the issues that parents seek help from coaching include: internet supervision, bullying at school and on the internet, and helping to find ways to motivate their kids to excel.

Mentoring Young Adults

David also works directly with young adults seeking direction and fine tuning.

Young people can really benefit from coaching in creating strategies for moving forward, creating space from siblings, better interactions with parents and teachers, and creating boundaries with friends.

The children of high-profile parents can have special issues and problems such as: learning to create a sense of privacy while living in the public eye, or learning to develop a strong sense of personal identity and inner strength while living in the shadow of a famous parent.

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With Cori Sessions, Santa Barbara - 2013

Relationship Coaching

Finding the perfect match can happen just by dumb luck, but it usually doesn’t.

In reality, finding a partner that will bring out the best in you, weather life’s storms and make you happy comes at the point that you are ready to be in that relationship.

A great life coach can help you create a plan to help bring the right choices your way, and if need be – remove any obstacles that are preventing you from being ready.

Making the Most of the Relationship You Have

If we’re lucky, sometimes the best relationship we could have is exactly the relationship we’re in!

That said, how do we make the most of that relationship? How do we move past limitations in our ability to give and receive? How do we take our relationship to the next level? What about intimacy?

David loves to work with clients to stretch and grow and make the most of a great relationship.

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Career Coaching

People are remaking themselves every day, letting go of the old and finding effective paths to realize the new.

What did you love to do when you were younger?

How can you realistically let go of your current situation and make a living doing what you really want to do?

Making the Most of the Career You Have

Even if we are in the right career path – are we making the most of it?  Are we investing enough time to make it really successful or are we tied to it in a way that prevents us from having balance in our life? Are we spending the time that we really want with our family?

What about income progression? Are we seeing our income escalate on a year-by-year basis that is allowing us to achieve financial goals?

David loves to work with clients to effectively evaluate their current career goals and realize ambitious goals for the future.

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